Saturday, July 08, 2006

My Roadtrip from England to Wales (03 - 07 JUL 2006)


Our Driver Emily and our car Ford Zeota Estate
I'm taking a piss in Bath City Centre

Roman-inspired Victorian architecture is very pronounced in Bath
City Square - where Goth meets Neo-classic


Bristol Cathedral
Hamster-like Behavior at the Bristol Science Museum


BT overpowering what is left of the Swansea Castle
Swansea Castle showing signs of anicent repairs


Entrance to the Roman Fort
One of the Roman Barracks

The Amphitheatre
One of the entrances into the theatre


The Clock Tower at Cardiff Castle

This is where the Stuart Family lived in Cardiff Castle

Lovely Helen & The Stuart's Personal Norman Castle
Inside the Norman Castle Ruins


Shouldn't the sea breeze mess her hair?

Cave Exploration
An Anglo-saxon Castle in the middle of a Golf Course

This used to be the flood plain which the castle was defending from
Inside the Anglosaxon Castle

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Celebrating My Beautiful Macbook

Mac on Messy Desk. Note the matching speakers

I still miss my SAR days at SBAB.
The Yellow Heli is the RAF SAR Heli

Another Frontal View

This is the side profile. The profile of perfection!

A typical screenshot of a chemical engineer at work

My Lovely OS X Dashboard. Quick access to Google,
Translator, Wiki, Weather, Time, etc

Reading the Young PAP Forum

I found a ridicuous thread at the Young PAP forum today. The thread is titled "The Logic for High Cost Living". The author claimed that high cost is essential for the survival of Singapore because the resultant expenditure would make every generation of Singaporeans to contribute to the national economy, by filling up positions in a foreign-invested plant.

I think my registration at the Young PAP Forum will never be approved. After-all, I wrote this in my signature: "Those who exchange liberty for security deserves neither" - Benjamin Franklin. Oh well.. I guess the ruling party is only interested to hear from people who share the same view as theirs or people who intends to propagate their views.

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